Gift Guide

For those of you with special someone in your life who loves garbage trucks, I have put together this gift buying guide for you. Whether you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift or birthday gift, I hope you will find something here.


The all-time best garbage truck toys are made by Bruder. I do not think anyone will argue with that. My kids have several Bruder toys that they have PUNISHED repeatedly, and unlike some cheap imitations, they have not been destroyed. I won't say these toys are unbreakable (I have seen what a seven-year-old can do with a large rock), but they are very sturdy. They also have lots of moving parts and make no electronic noises, which means you can get some peace and your child can develop his or her imagination.

Probably the only drawbacks withBruder toys are their size (quite large) and cost (many are around $50+). Still, if you want top quality, go Bruder.  [Click this link for some videos of Bruder toy garbage trucks in action.]
Other good alternatives include Matchbox, Tonka and Lego garbage trucks.


What kid doesn't like to see videos of garbage trucks hauling trash, crushing trash, smashing trash and dumping trash?  There are lots of good videos out there for the garbage truck fan.  Some classics include Garbage Monsters, How'd They Build That?, and Twenty Trucks (not all about garbage trucks, but very cool still).

My kids loved "Twenty Trucks" and pretty much wore out the DVD.  Check out the intro from "Twenty Trucks":


Don't forget books.  For the little ones (under 5), I highly recommend I Stink! and Trashy Town I Stink! follows the adventures of a loud-mouthed, swaggering garbage truck who loves to tell kids how much he stinks.  A classic.  (Also check out the follow up book, I'm Dirty!
Trashy Town introduces the kids to Mr. Gilly, a trash man, who "loves to clean up trashy town."  The book has great illustrations and lots of good repetition and rhyming to help young readers.  A+ recommendation.

Don't forget the older kids.  For the chapter book readers, I recommend The Stinking Story of Garbage, which traces garbage from prehistoric man through to the modern era, complete with ancient toilets and people tossing the contents of bed pans onto streets.  Funny, educational, and appropriately gross.

A heavily illustrated and educational book is Garbage and Recycling (Young Discoverers:  Environmental Facts and Experiments).  A great book for the budding scientist or inquisitive child.


I hope this gift guide has helped you find the perfect gift for your garbage truck aficionado.  If you know of any great gifts for garbage truck lovers, please leave a comment!