Mercedes Garbage Truck

Mercedes is like the Ford of Germany. They make all sorts of vehicles, including garbage trucks. Check out this video. How is that for luxury?!?


Garbage Truck + Ice

When a massive object like a garbage truck starts to skid on the ice, no good will come of it. Check out this demonstration of friction or lack thereof...


Old School Train

Yeah, I know it is not a garbage truck, but still very cool video of a mid-20th-century train lumbering down the tracks. How fun would it be to ride one of these things across the country!?!?!?


Dumpster Dump

A slow-developing video, but very cool angle of a garbage truck dumping a dumpster into its hopper.


Side loader action

Great video of a side-loading garbage truck.


Awesome auto-arm

Look at this garbage truck with an automatic arm. I wish I had one of these to help me pick up oranges that fall off my tree. It would be fun to drive this thing around my yard, but I don't think the neighbors would like it very much!