Very Small Garbage Truck

No matter how big or small, garbage trucks are always on the job.  Check out this garbage truck from Asia.  Maybe Japan?


Garbage Truck Pictures

I thought it might be time to take a break from videos of garbage trucks and post a few pictures of garbage trucks.

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Burning Garbage Truck part ???

It is like garbage truck armageddon out there. I can't believe how many videos there are of burning garbage trucks! Here are a couple more:


Yet another burning garbage truck

This garbage truck is not only on fire, but it is fully engulfed in flames.  Wow!


Garbage Truck on Fire

Garbage trucks seem to catch on fire a lot. Here is another video I posted a while back of a burning garbage truck.

Garbage Truck Crashing

Actually, the description of this video says that this was only a training exercise. Good thing. Getting a garbage truck out of this ditch is not my idea of fun!


Rear loader power

A rear loader making quick work of some mini-dumpsters.


Mercedes Garbage Truck

Mercedes is like the Ford of Germany. They make all sorts of vehicles, including garbage trucks. Check out this video. How is that for luxury?!?


Garbage Truck + Ice

When a massive object like a garbage truck starts to skid on the ice, no good will come of it. Check out this demonstration of friction or lack thereof...


Old School Train

Yeah, I know it is not a garbage truck, but still very cool video of a mid-20th-century train lumbering down the tracks. How fun would it be to ride one of these things across the country!?!?!?


Dumpster Dump

A slow-developing video, but very cool angle of a garbage truck dumping a dumpster into its hopper.


Side loader action

Great video of a side-loading garbage truck.


Awesome auto-arm

Look at this garbage truck with an automatic arm. I wish I had one of these to help me pick up oranges that fall off my tree. It would be fun to drive this thing around my yard, but I don't think the neighbors would like it very much!


Bulldozer moving trash

It is not only garbage trucks that work hard to remove trash from our world. Look at this bulldozer doing work...


Orange Side Loader

Check out this orange garbage truck with a matching colored garbage can!  Who says style is reserved for clothes? The video quality is not the best, but love the colors.


Heil Removal Machine

Whoa!  I just noticed a bunch of Heil videos were removed by the person who posted them on YouTube.  You can see that a bunch of the videos before this post no longer work.  Total bummer!  Those were awesome videos.  I'll have to find some new ones to make up for it.

E-Z Pack Goliath Rear Loader

A slow, but interesting video:


Heil Big Bite

Yet another cool rear loader --

Heil Powerlink

Cool Rear loader --


Heil EuroCycler

Awesome!  Check out how this recycling truck separates the paper from the bottles and cans.


Heil Euro Half Pack

Nice video showing how Heil markets its garbage trucks to waste collection companies.


Great Sideloading Action!

(Note: For some reason, the first 15 seconds of this video are black.]


Toy Garbage Trucks

My kids had the first garbage truck shown in the video (the green Bruder) and loved it.


Happy New Year!

May all your garbage truck dreams come true!

Garbage Truck from 1954 [Photo: Seattle Municipal Archives] --