Most Popular Post of 2010

By far the most popular video this year was the garbage truck on fire video. See it for yourself by CLICKING HERE!


Hawaiian Garbage Truck

A cool yellow garbage truck in Hawaii. Listen to the poor kid at the end of the video. He is so sad that the garbage truck is going away. Don't worry, it will be back next week!


Fire Truck doing a Wheelie

I didn't believe it either, but here is the visual proof: Fire trucks can pop wheelies!


Total Destruction

Watch this time-lapse footage of an excavator demolishing a house. Pretty cool.


Charlie the Trash Truck

Little Charlie works with his dad to collect trash and recycling. (Hit the "Play" arrow to get it started.)


Dump after dump.

Like videos of garbage trucks dumping dumpsters? Well, then, this video is for you:


Dumpster with loader arm!

Here is a great video of a dumpster with its own automatic loader arm!