Side-loader recycling truck

Awesome video of a side-loading recycling truck and a little kid loving every minute of it:


Collecting the garbage

Looks like spy camera footage of garbage men doing their jobs.


Garbage Truck in Bakersfield

Nice video of a garbage truck with an automatic arm picking up the trash.


Garbage Truck on Fire!

Look at this interesting video from Australia of a garbage truck on fire.  First, the firemen put out the big flames.  Then, the garbage truck driver dumps the flaming load of trash on to the street so the firemen can put the rest of the fire out.  I bet it was really stinky!


Suburban Garbage Truck

Watch as nice garbage men load trash and wave to the people filing this video.  If I was going to be a garbage man, I'd want to work in this neighborhood.


How'd They Build That? -- Garbage Truck

If you ever wondered how garbage trucks were built, this video gives you an idea.  They are very complex and powerful machines!

If you are interested in seeing more, you can get the full video by clicking here.