Car Shreder

Do not get in the way of this powerful car shredding machine. Can you imagine what this thing could do to a tree or a building?!?!  Maybe they could use these at the landfill to shred all the trash and save space.


Trash Truck Dumping

Watch as this trash truck dumps and crushes garbage. Plenty of awesome close-up footage of this massive and powerful truck at work.

Crush That Truck!

Not a garbage truck video, but check out this awesome truck crusher!


More Awesome Furniture and TV Crushing!

Watch this hungry garbage truck eat a massive pile of furniture and electronics! Look at all those huge TVs! Everyone wants a flat-screen these days.


Garbage Truck Eating Furniture

Watch as this trash truck demolishes furniture and other household items. Too bad no one else could use that stuff, but the garbage truck is hungry!!!