Crusher motor works hard

Listen to the compactor (crusher) motor working hard on this garbage truck. It sounds like it is very full. I hope all the trash will fit!


Dumping a garbage bin

Cool. An orange garbage truck dumping an orange garbage bin! Look at how hard it is for the truck to turn around in the cul-de-sac. Garbage trucks sure are big.


Side Loader Toy Garbage Truck

A video of a Tonka side loader with Rush soundtrack.


Remote Controlled Vehicles

So awesome. Video of remote controlled tanks and support vehicles.


Toy Digger

A riding toy digger? So cool.


Awesome Garbage Truck Collection

Wow, look at all the garbage trucks this kid has!


More Fire Trucks

See those big fire engines roaring down the street! Lots and lots of fire trucks!


Fire Trucks

Who doesn't love fire trucks?


Trucks working at the landfill

Once the garbage leaves your street, it needs to go to the landfill where it is squished, mashed, spread thin, and compacted. Check out this video for a quick look at the sorts of trucks working at the land fill. Yep, these are GARBAGE MONSTERS.