Street Sweeper Cleaning Oranges

Very cool video from Spain showing a street sweeper cleaning up oranges.

Street Sweeper in Rancho Cordova

Great close ups of the brushes!

House Demolition

Turning a house into trash via an excavator acting as a demolition machine.

Landfill near Daytona Beach

Cool Garbage Truck Books

Here are two books that my kid love.  Maybe yours will too?  Head down to the local library to check them out, or order them here:

My kids have liked this book for years. Even though they are several years beyond its reading level, they still ask to read it at least once a week. It is very funny (even includes a loud BURP page) and has great drawings. Highly recommended; Ages 0-4+.

This book includes a fairly accurate though humorous history of garbage. Ages 4-7 on this one.


Inside a Garbage Truck Crusher!

Smash and mash the trash. (Parents: Music is a bit loud.)

Amazing Transfer Station Video

Very low angle of trash being dumped out at a transfer station!

Unloading at a Transfer Station

Heil Python, part II

More of the amazing Heil Python garbage truck with automatic arm!

Heil Python

Amazing automatic garbage collection arm!

Florida Garbage Truck

Blue Garbage Truck