Water Dropping Helicopter = Awesome

This is some impressive flying!

And here is a helicopter dropping water on a fire:


Semi-truck Drift!

Have you seen someone drift a sports car or a race car? Well, check out this video of a guy drifting a semi-tractor around a race track. Who knew you could drift a huge truck like this?! Don't try this at home.


Recycled Recycling Truck

I was looking at an advertising circular from my local supermarket and I came across an ad for a recycling truck made from recycled plastic milk jugs. The truck is made by Green Toys, a company based in the USA that manufactures all of its toys in the USA.

Here is a picture of the Green Toys recycling truck as well as a dump truck made from recycled milk jugs:

They look pretty nice and are a decent size (12" x 6"w x 7"h) for kids of all ages to play with. Best of all, when your child asks you, "Where does all the recycling go?", you can point to the toy. Lesson learned.

If you can't find one of these great toys at your local retailer, CLICK HERE.


Street Sweeper Walk Behind

If you have ever been to Europe, you have seen one of these walk-behind street sweepers. I wish we had more in the United States. If you know of a city in the US where these can be seen, please let us know by posting a comment.


Single-Person Vacuum Car

I wish I had one of these when I was a kid. It would have made cleaning up my room a snap!


Bruder's Rule!

As I mentioned in another post, Bruder garbage trucks are the best! They allow great imaginative play . . . just ask the kid who made this video.

Or this kid!

Check out all the BRUDER trucks here!


Orange Garbage Truck

A simple and awesome video of a garbage truck doing what a garbage truck should: picking up and dumping trash cans! Contains great close-up footage of garbage truck grabber arm beginning about 1m40.


Garbage Truck Bag Toss

These guys are just going about their business. Not really exciting, but certainly the life of a garbage man. Look for the silly puff of dust at about 1m45.


Amazing Garbage Container!

Check out the container as the garbage truck lifts it from the ground. What a great way to save space!


How to Operate a Backhoe

Very cool video about how these big machines work.


Big Box Mall Construction Equipment

Bulldozer, excavator, and dumptruck. (Sorry about the ad that pops up during the start of the song. Just click on the x in the right-hand corner and it goes away.)


Street Excavation

Meet the Garbage Monsters

Bruder Garbage Truck Toys

Okay, it has been a while since I posted. So, I thought I'd provide you kids and parents out there with a review of a good garbage truck toy: Bruder.

Bruder is a German manufacturer that makes large, durable toys. They make garbage truck toys in a variety of sizes and colors. My son has had three different ones over the years, thanks to doting grandparents.

The toys themselves are not cheap (in the $50 range) but they are high quality. My son can destroy a plastic toy in a matter of days, but his Bruder trucks have survived for years with only minor scratches and one crack, caused by a large rock mysteriously landing on top of the driver's cab.

The garbage trucks have moving, functional parts, but nothing battery-powered. There are no built-in sirens or beepers. This, I think, is good for two reasons: 1) it lets the kids use their imagination to make noises or not and 2) does not drive adults crazy.

Check out this kid having a great time with his Bruder!

Be aware that you can sometimes find these Bruder trucks on clearance at stores like Ross and TJ Maxx for well below sticker price. I bought one there for around $20, which is a great deal considering how long these toys last.

Click here to buy at Amazon



Road Construction Equipment

Where the Garbage Goes


Next time you are looking for something on Netflicks or at your local video store, rent Where the Garbage Goes, by Little Hardhats. My kids love it. The DVD is scratched and chipped to prove it. I learned a lot watching it as well.


More Logging Trucks

Towing and pushing up a steep hill. Parental note: the word "H*ll" is spoken during this video


Garbage Truck Halloween Costume

Here is a link to a great post about how to make a garbage truck costume for Halloween. We did this for our son in 2008 and he loved it. The only problem was that the costume got heavy and he wanted to take it off after about an hour. Also, people love this thing. Some motorheads at one house went crazy. I think they wanted to steal it.

In case the link is dead, I am copying the post below:

Here are some pictures of Matt's Garbageman costume from last year. Below I've included some instructions on making it yourself. Enjoy!

Some of the things you'll need:
cardboard (big sheets are good, but if you have smaller boxes lying
around you can always duct tape pieces together)
Duct tape
masking tape
glue gun
carpet knife
2 cans of green (or whatever color your trucks are) spraypaint
2 nylon straps about 2 1/2 feet long each
some cotton batting
yardstick/straight edge
assorted craft paint or acrylics for the details
patience (and maybe some band-aids)

Click on an image to make it bigger.

Now that I'm looking at the page below again, I think you'll probably be better off scoring the 3 1/2" marks on the far right and left of the big sheet on the opposite side of the cardboard, since the folds are going to be going in the other direction. Sorry about that.

And here's Mr First Prize Garbageboy at last year's Halloween party at the Park District. You wore it well, lil' dude!


Street Sweeper Cleaning Oranges

Very cool video from Spain showing a street sweeper cleaning up oranges.

Street Sweeper in Rancho Cordova

Great close ups of the brushes!

House Demolition

Turning a house into trash via an excavator acting as a demolition machine.

Landfill near Daytona Beach

Cool Garbage Truck Books

Here are two books that my kid love.  Maybe yours will too?  Head down to the local library to check them out, or order them here:

My kids have liked this book for years. Even though they are several years beyond its reading level, they still ask to read it at least once a week. It is very funny (even includes a loud BURP page) and has great drawings. Highly recommended; Ages 0-4+.

This book includes a fairly accurate though humorous history of garbage. Ages 4-7 on this one.


Inside a Garbage Truck Crusher!

Smash and mash the trash. (Parents: Music is a bit loud.)

Amazing Transfer Station Video

Very low angle of trash being dumped out at a transfer station!

Unloading at a Transfer Station

Heil Python, part II

More of the amazing Heil Python garbage truck with automatic arm!

Heil Python

Amazing automatic garbage collection arm!

Florida Garbage Truck

Blue Garbage Truck