Garbage Truck Bunk Bed

Someone mentioned this video in a comment. It is pretty awesome, so I thought I would share it with you.

If you want more ideas for garbage truck stuff for kids, check out this garbage truck Halloween costume.


Garbage Truck 3-Point Turn

Here is a video that I shot while I was on vacation at Mammoth Lakes. It shows a very skilled garbage truck driver executing a 3-point turn on a narrow mountain road.

Very Small Garbage Truck

No matter how big or small, garbage trucks are always on the job.  Check out this garbage truck from Asia.  Maybe Japan?


Garbage Truck Pictures

I thought it might be time to take a break from videos of garbage trucks and post a few pictures of garbage trucks.

Photo credits:

Burning Garbage Truck part ???

It is like garbage truck armageddon out there. I can't believe how many videos there are of burning garbage trucks! Here are a couple more:


Yet another burning garbage truck

This garbage truck is not only on fire, but it is fully engulfed in flames.  Wow!


Garbage Truck on Fire

Garbage trucks seem to catch on fire a lot. Here is another video I posted a while back of a burning garbage truck.